one-piece wardrobe

I Am Aphrodite

“Are you petting your fabric?” John asked me from the driver’s seat. We were on our way home from the traveling Fabric Market in Germany where I had just purchased a couple bags of fabric, including one very soft, malleable linen twill. I nodded, “It’s telling me what it wants to be.” “What does it […]

Frankendress with V8994 + V9212 made by Saki Jane - - this dress blends Vogue 8994 and Vintage Vogue 9212 in a dark navy linen sourced in Germany
one-piece wardrobe

Frankendress V8994 + V9212

The Pattern: A combination of vintage V9212 and V8994 The Fabric: Dark Navy Linen purchased at the Stoffmarkt Holland (traveling fabric market) for a pre-cut 1.7m/15 euro The Size: 6 in V9212, 8 in V8994 Similarities in both patterns: they’re both pullovers, so no zipper. they both have center front and center back seams. they both […]



Let’s just jump into it here: this post will be a lot of “first”s. -This is the first post meant to be seen by the public. -This is the first time I have real WIPs in Germany. -The featured photo is of the first garment I made by myself (with a clearly self-drafted pattern) for […]