Let’s just jump into it here: this post will be a lot of “first”s.

-This is the first post meant to be seen by the public.
-This is the first time I have real WIPs in Germany.
-The featured photo is of the first garment I made by myself (with a clearly self-drafted pattern) for my favorite doll, Hana. I must have been no older than 7. Please excuse the iPhone 4 quality of photo; I had to dig this guy out of my archives to share it with you all!

I guess also; First, let me introduce myself. My name is Saki, and I’m here to share the things I do and learn and make. For most of you who are reading this, you probably already know me, but for others, here’s a short break-down.

I started sewing with my mom when I was 6, and I’ve had a (sometimes tumultuous) love-affair with fabric and sewing since. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to learn what my relationship with fibers really is (a perpetually inspired way to keep my hands and brain happy and busy) and what it isn’t (a chore, a job, an obligation). I’ve lately—the last few years—been in a consistent state of hands/brain-happy/busy, and now with living abroad part time, I’m finding it more important to be engaged with the local and online sewing community. And this is how we’ve found ourselves here—with me writing and you reading! Welcome!


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  1. Saki! I love your new blog, like I did your old ones about cooking and growing plants. I am so glad that you are enjoying sawing/creating new ideas!!
    I have you Hana and all her clothes I made for her here in my house. It was almost made me cry to see your first sewing project. It brought me to the time…
    Take care and love,

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