about me


Hi friends!

My name is Saki Jane. I’ve been sewing as long as I’ve been speaking English; first with hand-quilting alongside my mother, then with teaching myself to use her neglected machine from the 70’s. I’ve been making slow fashion on and off for 15 years now.

I’m a super tactile person, and I need to have my fingers in all the pies. I love cooking and food experiments, plants and gardening, learning new languages, meeting new people, adventuring, and (like almost everyone else) I love to travel. I was born in Tokyo, I sometimes live in Portland with my cat, Oliver, and other times I live in Germany with my partner, John.

I started this blog to become an active part of the online sewing community and as an outlet to share both my good and my ugly endeavors with textiles and other crafts. I look forward to meeting you all!


P.S., some quick THANK YOUs, because one can never share enough gratitude;

My partner, John – for being my best friend, my sounding board, and my mirror, and for encouraging me to follow this thread of creativity in a way that serves me.
My good friend, James – my very own techie fairy godmother who makes all of my website dreams come true.
My parents – for teaching me that they’ll never criticize me for following my heart and living a romantic life.
You – Thank you for being here. You’ve just made my day a little brighter <3