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Self-Drafted Gathered Skirt

Back in August, as I was preparing for two back-to-back trips to Burning Man and Germany, I bumped into friend and photographer Lindsay Beaumont, who I had worked with many times through my hand modeling gigs. While my plate was already overwhelmingly full at the time, we chatted briefly about getting together for a shoot. Saying no to a collaboration with Beaumont was so out of the question that I scrapped together a gathered maxi skirt just for the occasion. We were both able to carve out time for the shoot just days before I was to leave, and I’m so glad we did!

These shots are a departure from my normal blog posts, both because they’re based in Beaumont’s fantastic studio space rather than outside and because… I’m not smiling. I actually have quite a hard time not smiling in photographs, and an especially hard time being emotive in photographs in any way other than one that shows joy. Beaumont definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone, but I think that’s what led to our final product here… a quirky and playful collaboration between two creatives. I hope you enjoy!

The base of this skirt is a dirndl style: a gathered rectangle with a lightly interfaced rectangular waistband and and only a single seam at the invisible zip closure. To save time and reduce weight, I opted to use the selvedge as the bottom hem. The fabric, possibly a silk-blend cotton, was thrifted from Village Merchants in Portland, Ore.

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    1. Thanks Emma! Definitely a bad idea to turn down working with such a talented photographer! And yeah, haha… I’ve always been deemed a little weird, so I’ve learned to just embrace the weird things! By the way, I have some bad news about one of my shrimps… I’ll DM you on IG 🙁

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